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What you Should Not Do If Faced with a DUI

Do not try and talk the officer out of a DUI or DWI. Even if you have not had anything to drink and have no other impairing substance in your system you can still be charged with a DUI or DWI. Yes unfortunatly innocent people still get charged with DUI's!

Invoking your fifth amendment rights and not admitting to drinking any alcohol can not be used against you later in court. Sometimes the best thing to do is not to say anything.

Remember, if for some reason the officer orders you to get out of the car and asks you to perform some field sobriety tests, you are not legally required to complete any of these tests. These field sobriety tests are not the same as chemical testing (discussed in Common Police Tests section of this site). Field sobriety tests check for balance and coordination. These are acts people do not normally perform sober or drunk. These tests can really set you up for failure.



Do not get out of your car unless the officer asks you to. Exiting your car can look like an aggressive thing to the officer that has pulled you over.


Do not try handling a DUI case without having a experienced DUI Attorney at your side.